Changes and Updates log

  • 02.06.2006
    *Added a small piece about the shut down of The Pirate Bay.org in the News section.

    Yesterday i was at the local police station and handed in two application for guns. One for a Bolt Action rifle in 6.5x55 and one for taking over my Grandfathers shotgun. So, by next week (i hope) they'll come back approved, and then i'll be good to go. I also spent an hour at the gun store just down the road (i'm thinking the guy down there will get tired of having me around down there fiddling with his display guns soon.)
    Don't know what i'll be getting, he has a Swedish M96 Carl Gustav Mauser in 6.5x55, but it would need work to mount a scope on it (you allmost must have one for hunting), but i've sort of fallen in love with the Tikka T3 Lite. He has one, but it bothers me that it doesn't have iron sights, only scope mounting. He has one with a scope as a package deal, but the scope is a cheap piece of crap. He's allso has a CZ 550 American in 6.5x55, with a scope too. It's nice, but i do prefer the T3, so i think my minds made up on that one. But we'll see, my mom allmost had a sodding heart attack when i told her the price on it ;)

  • 21.5.2006
    Shyte, it's been almost a month since i did anything here.
    I admit it, i've been a lazy bastard. Not much has happened though.

  • 26.4.2006
    Today i passed my hunting licence test, so soon I'll be applying for a purchasing permit :D
    Really looking forward to it, i've allways liked shooting, both as a recreation and a competition sport.
    Don't know when I'll be hunting, it'll probably be mostly cardboard and clay for a while, especially seeing as there's not much in season untill August.

  • 09.04.2006
    Today is April 9th. For those of you who aren't up to date on Norwegian history, today is the 66th anniversary of
    operation Weserübung, the German invasion of Denmark and Norway.
    You can read more about the invasion of Norway in 1940, and the following 5 years of occupation

    To the 17 Danes who died defending their country, 853 Norwegians who died defending our country, the 4400 Brits, 500 French and Free Polish who died fighting alongside Norwegians in the defence of Norway and not to be forgotten, the 6100 Germans who died serving their country during Operation Weserübung. This day is for you. 

  • 29.3.2006
    *Added a good few pics in the Hobbies -> WW2 Militaria section.

  • 26.3.2006
    * Made a few changes to the Hobbies -> post-WW2 Militaria section.

  • 15.3.2006
    Haven't updated much lately, been to much of a lazy bastard to do it.
    Last saturday (11th) i was out on the local range as part of the hunting licence course i'm taking.
    Alot of fun, but i regret i didn't bring the camera. I'm also looking into what guns to get once the course is
    over and i've passed the test. I've more or less decided to get a
    Lee Enfield No. 4 in .303 British, some say go for it, others say forget it.  Also been looking at the Ruger 10/22. It seems to have alot of fun extra kit you can put on it to make it into a pretty damned accurate (and mean looking) little .22 caliber semi-auto rifle.

  • 06.3.2006
    *Upped and added some pics in the hobbies section.

  • 05.3.2006
    *Updated the "Hobbies" Section.

  • 27.2.2006
    *A couple of days ago i found out a girl i went to school with for a long time (10 years, same classes all the way) had recently had a baby. I haven't  seen or talked to her in ages, (not that i talked to her much when we went to school together either :P )
    So, while playing around with Google (God i love that search engine :D) i made a search on her name just for the hell of it. Guess what came up..... well, you'll have to
    click to see.

  • 25.2.2006
    *Added some videos in the WTF section

  • 17.2.2006
    *minor navigation-bar updates
    *Added some pics and text in "The Dog" section.
    *Added a video file to the "WTF" section
    *Discovered that adding sections as i go along is a bad idea, since i have to update the navigation bar in all sections respectively every time i update. Filed under "lessons learned" :D

  • 14.2.2006
    * Created the language selection and English mainpage.
    * Wrote this introduction bit here
    * Added Logo to top of page.
    *Added a little bit of info in the "About Me" section.
    *Added links in the "Links" section.
    *Added the "Hobbies" section and put some stuff there
    *created the "News" section and put in the first article