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Colt Combat Commander

This is my Colt Combat Commander. Lets start off with a history lesson; Shortly after the WW2 the US went looking for a new sidearm. The new requirements were that it should not exceed 7 inches in length or 25 ounces in weight. Colt's proposition, along with several other designs, went through it's paces at Aberdeen Proving Grounds and at Fort Benning, Georgia. However, nothing ever came of these tests, and no new pistol was adopted.

Colt recognized that a slightly smaller and lighter 1911 could be interesting to others, and launched it as a commercial design, and it is still a popular model today. The original Commander featured a aluminum alloy frame, and in 1970 the Combat Commander, which swapped the aluminum for steel, was launched, and the aluminum framed version was renamed the Lightweight Commander.

My Combat Commander is a series 70 (meaning it does not feature the firing pin blocking safety) made sometime in 1975 and has what is called the Satin Nickel finish, which I keep reading on the internet is rather rare as it was produced in considerably fewer numbers than the blued version. It is, as any real 1911 fan would expect, chambered in .45 ACP

I haven't really had a chance to try it out yet, as it was purchased right before christmas and there just haven't been a chance to go shooting yet.

New Grips:

 Today a package arrived in the mail, and it turned out to be my order from Alumagrips.
They're aluminum with a Black Anodized finish and my initials engraved. It looks pretty damned good :D
Got to get some black grip screws though.