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My hobbies include computer games, past and present military- and war history, collecting mostly Norwegian made and used militaria from the period ca. 1939\40 to present day and playing around with 3D software.

I also joined the local pistol club a bit over a year ago, and i have now, as i turned 21 in October 2007, purchased a pistol and a revolver, and i still have two more approved applications for two additional pistols. For those non-Norwegians who might read this i'll whip up a small article on the process of aquiring firearms in Norway. I'll also try and write up a few pieces about my guns themselves, and about reloading ammunition for them.

In this section I intend to include pictures and information about my hobby, and other kinds of work i've done.
The first thing i intend to ad is a small article written by me about the Battle of Lier and Matrand between Norway and Sweden in 1814 (first published on Militaryphotos.net and later at Napoleon-Series, a site with many facts and articles about the Napoleonic war).

It can be viewed here or downloaded here. Please don't try and take credit for my work. :D

Below you can find info on some of the various areas of my interest.

WW2 Militaria

Post-WW2 Militaria

Military Manuals and handbooks

Articles and other info.

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