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Here I'll post various links to sites and forums i frequent.

  • Game related sites
    *Mad Minute Games They are makers of the games Take Command: Bull Run and the upcoming TC:2nd Manassas strategy games. Excellent games for the strategy interested.

    *Battlefront Makers of the Combat Mission series turn-based strategy games. A brilliant game series, and with lots more games coming.

    *Americas Army A good multiplayer game, that has evolved greatly from the decent game it was when it was first released, into a very good game that is continually updated.

    *BF2S THE best site for checking your Battlefield 2 stats.
  • Forums
    *Militaryphotos.net A great place if you want to talk about current military related things, your airsoft hobby, military equipment and armament or find pictures by and of soldiers.
                   -Militaryvideos.net A relatively small collection of military related videos.

    *Sluttstykket A great Norwegian site dedicated to hunting and the shooting sport.

    *Militaria Collectors Network A excellent forum for Militaria collectors.

    *  Samlerforumet.net, a new Norwegian  forum dedicated to Militaria collectors.