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Norway and the two oil companies Statoil and Hydro are being sued for "illegaly" cooperating with OPEC to keep the oil prices at a unnatural high level.

Gary M. Osen of the firm Osen & Associates who represents the 3 private citizens who have put forward the lawsuit says "Norway and other non-OPEC nations have an illegal co-operations with OPEC to limit oil production and therefore drive the prices up"

The case is based on those who are suing meaning that Norway and Norwegian oil companys are responcible for the high gas prices in the US (buggers should come here and have a look at our, and then talk about high prices  maybe i can sue the government for this?) The suit has been taken in a district court in Florida. Also Oman, Angola and Mexico are being sued.

what kind of idiots are these guys, maybe the prices are so high because YOU'RE sodding waging a war on some of the largest oil fields in the world.  I say we just boycot oil export to the US for a month, then start up again with double prices.

If i was in charge here, right about now we'd be turning off the tap, and redirecting our tankers to someone else looking for some oil.

Three stupid redneck wankers who wouldn't find Norway on a map.

Reported by 18.02.2006