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The Pirate Bay was raided by Swedish coppers on Wednesday (31.05.2006) and TPB's servers was seized, 2 of the operators of the site arrested and they allso seized Pirat Byrån's servers (Pirate Beaureu (how ever the fuck that's spelled). The interesting fact is that Pirat Byrån is not a filesharing organisation, but more like the direct opposite of the Swedish anti piracy agency and the US MPAA and RIAA (who are repsonsible for the police action against TPB, more on that later).

So here is a liberal organisation that hasn't done anything wrong, being harassed by Swedish police cause they're stepping on MPAA and RIAA's toes. First of all, Sweden is not a US state, and second, Freedom of Speach gives them the right to say what ever the fuck they want to say about file sharing.


So, what does the MPAA have to do with a Swedish police action against TPB? Well, acording to Pirat byrån's temporary blog ( and a Swedish TV news broadcast, MPAA took their complaints to the WHITE HOUSE, voiced their complaines most likely all the way to the sodding president. Then they went into contact with the Swedish government,
they tossed it back and forth a bit, and then Swedish police took action against TPB.

What does this mean? First of all I find it a scary US intervention into another nations politics. Secondly, TPB has been in court many times, and have allways come out on top, as no Swedish law forbids .torrent file sharing, since they are not actually sharing the copyrighted material, only the .torrent files. This means the police and Swedish government has not only been pressed into acting against TPB and Piratbyrån by the US, the police have allso most likely violated various laws about searches and seasure when it comes to the servers, and more important FREE SPEACH has been fucking trampled on. Hard.

The bare facts that stand behind is that a political organisation, Piratbyrån, has been silenced and harassed by Swedish politicians through Swedish police, all of them acting under pressure from the White House who again, through means unknown, acted due to methods unknown from the MPAA.

To quote Piratbyrån's blog;

"Another important note is that SVT's [Swedish public access channel] news show Rapport has found out that the razzia was initiated on demands from the U.S. Apparantly, it went down like this: MPAA -> U.S. Government -> Swedish government. Then, the swedish government contacted the legal authorities, but had the answer that the case had already been looked into,and that it was their opinion nothing could legally be done. In spite of this, the state secretary of the minister of law ordered the police to perform these raids. I've heard that this is legal in Great Britain, but in Sweden, this is against the constitution. The government is not allowed to tell the authorities what do to in a specific case; the only way for them to step in is to change the law. This is a serious violation of Swedish law, and a severe limitation of our rights. If a foreign power is allowed to control Swedish law authorities, we need a new government, or our sovereignty is threatened."