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  Brits don't know the diffrence between sauce and STD;
A company named MYVOICE has recently done a study in Britain that shows the scary lack of knowledge in the area of STD's (or cuisine, depending on how you look at it) in Britain.

When asked 63 percent answered 'Arrabiata' was a sexually transmitted dissease and not a Italian sauce as it really is.
(Granted, Arrabiata does sound like something nasty that will make yer cock fall off, but that is apparently besides the point.)

"Over 43 percent of those asked knew nothing about the serious STD's we asked them about" says sexual theraphist Emily Dubberly to Reuters.


right, that's it. As of today I won't EVER touch a British girl, particularly when only 4 percent of those asked would turn down sex with a partner who refused to use a condom, as opposed to 48 percent who'd refuse to have sex with a unwashed or smelly person.