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Norway has a history of general service off all males for just about all of its existence back to the very old days.
Ever since WW2 Norway has been running a continuous and allmost total forced conscription and 1 year service of all males, to build up a large potential mobilization reserve in case of a Soviet invasion.

Trough those now 61 years since the 2nd World War ended, Norway has used a wide variety of equipment, British and US kit dropped to the resistance during WW2, British and US kit given after the war, German kit left after the war and from some time in the early\mid 50's more or less pure original and copied US kit. I myself have have in my collection 1 US-type webbing belt, most likely used by the army and later Home Guard, which still has US marked on it in black.

I also have a Norwegian M51 uniform jacket, which was in use up to the 80's in the army, and probably later in the Home Guard. The M51 is an exact copy of the US M1943 field jacket, and the hood i bought from a surplus store has the following text printed inside: "HOOD for Jacket, Field M1943" so clearly, this thing is original. (Though i doubt it's WW2 production, but the production markings are faded, so i wont know.)

At the moment my collection contains pretty much the complete kit for a Norwegian soldier ca. 1950's and on well into the 1990's. In 2000 and 2001 a new issue of more modern kit was started, the project was called Soldat 2000, and implemented new uniforms, load carrying vests instead of belts and cross straps, new field rations more like US MRE's and "pimped up" AG3's.

But for Home Guard units the kind of kit i have would be representative a good way into 2000 and onwards, though most Home Guard units now have moved onto Soldat 2000 kit.

Above are the following items; 1st Entrenching tool, 2nd E-tool cover, 3rd patrol or combat pack (small backpack) with shelter half, and 4th the contents of the combat pack (Shelter half, tent pole and pegs, mess kit, thick sweater. It would also contain rations for 2-3 days or more, and probably some ammo. Though there isn't much extra room after what's there has been put in.)

Here you can see how the tent poles
are used to give the pack more rigidety.

1st is the M51 uniform jacket (compass in right chest pocket, bandage in left, hood and windproof mits in left and right free for empty mags. 2nd is the M75 jacket, first camo pattern taken in use. 3rd is the Norwegian AG3 double mag pouches with 2 real mags, canteen and cup in holder and e-tool in cover.



Here we have one airsoft replice HK G3 (Norwegian designation AG3) and one real, but used, M72 shoulder fired AT rocket. These are one use and then you toss them away, so it's completely useless after it's been fired (otherwise i wouldn't have one :P )

That's about it for now, i'll up some more pics later on.




The latest adition to the collection is this set of SMG pouches, along with 6 Sten gun magasines and a magasin loading tool. The set is a close replica of the German WW2 set, with 2 mirrored pouches angled inwards.