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I own a Border Collie puppy, nearing 5 months now. I got him from my parents for christmas. (lucky bastard you might think, it was all a part of my parents' plan to force me to be a bit more physically active!) He answers (when he feels like it) to the name Odin.

Here he is going at his toy on the living room floor (that's me mom you see a bit of on the right) This pic must be allmost two months old now (bloody hell, time goes fast). He's grown damn near twice as much since then.





He is very playfull and lots of fun, does some stupid and hilarious
things pretty regularly. But like everyone (especially girls) who see the pic on the right here says "OH! He's so queeeeeeeeeete"

Well bugger if he is, he's little monster, that's what he is.
I've got more scars, scratches and bloody puncture wounds on my
arms than i've ever had, or ever will have, from this little bastard.
Don't get me wrong, it's cool to have a dog, and he is qute and all that, but he sure is alot of work.

And seeing as he can't say
"listen you dozy bastard, i'm bored and want to go for a walk,
get of your lazy arse, hook me on the leash and lets bloody GO!"
he just jumps around and bites. Alot. And his teeth are very, very
very, very, very, very, very, very, very sharp.

And he's found a liking for my matrass, bugger's trying to chew
it to bits. Not that making a mess (literally, he's pissed on my
carpet and the floor downstairs, shit on the floor downstairs once
and my personal favourit (sarcasm) shit in the cage he was sleeping
in while he was in MY ROOM! Honestly, i have never smelled
anything THAT bad before.

Day i got him (26th of Desember) and this is one of the first things he does, go at the cable for my old PSone controller. That sort of set of the theme of destruction of my room at all waking moments right there.

Well, there's bound to be more info in here about what happens with the dog, but this is his introduction.
I've got some more recent photos that are still on the camera, i'll get them up later.