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This section is dedicated to various movie clips or storys that just makes you go "what the fuck!" (Hence the name) and that just don't fit in the "News" section.

First thing for this section is a movie showing a attack on a PSD (Personal Security Detail\Detachment) team in Iraq. Not graphic visually, but audio is relatively graphic.

To download it <<click here>> direct DL for now, though i will probably use .torrent later on, since it conserves lots of space.

Found a few videos of various exhibition shooters showing off their skills. Bloody amazing too.
Kenneth Aspestrand, Norwegian exhibition shooter: <<click here>>

2 vids of American Patrick Flanigan <<click here>> and <<here>>


Video of a chap firing a M1 Garand <<DL>>
Vid of the same guy firing a M1903 Springfield


MG42 Fired from a tripod at an MG shoot


MG42 Fired from a bipod at an MG shoot


Innante på haglebane


Fyren så va med Innante på haglebane